Honey Tulsi

 210 Rs

Collected from the hives of the Rock Bee and infused with the flavour of Tulsi. Our unique refining process without heating safeguards the honey natural nutritive properties. The unique flavour of  Honey Tulsi is perfect for baking, cooking, medicine or enjoying in a cup of tea.

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100% pure

Free from GMO, pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, and toxins.

Rich in nutrients

There are at least 31 vitamins and minerals found in organic honey. These include vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Powerful antioxidants

Full of vitamins and minerals in their pure form.

Boosts immunity

Free from harmful fertilisers & adulteration, it comes with the power of double immunity.

Conscious & ethical

Our organic honey is sourced from deep tropical forests, preserving nature and the natural way of beekeeping.


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